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Friday, 28 October 2016 | 20:14 | 0comments
it has been 199 days.
how time flies? It flies so fast i just cant believe it.

LDR? Long Distance Relationship. *tutup muka*
okay, based on previous posted, it was about my first knew about him. Yes, firstly i am so sorry for being late about updating this blog. I was so busy focusing on my final. I mean it quite a long time hahaha yeah, sorry.

Look, at the top. 199 days.
Me with him already 199 days. Its about 1/2 half. we had through a lot of things. Thanks sayang for being there through thick and thin. Ups and downs. Thanks for being understanding. Thanks.

I know that i actually quite clingy no i mean totally clingy. yes. I mean it.
i love him the way he is. I know this is so cliche. I just love him. Everybody be like,
"Meera, kau dah kena nasi kangkang ni."
HAHAHAHAHAHA what are you guys trying to say. Yes, i am quite unpatient person. I always mad bcs of small things but with him i will be like dogs with their owners.

It is just bcs, i am terrified of loosing him. I am serious about this.
I just cant even trying to tinggi suara. I cant. I am afraid that he will be leaving me.
I tak kisah if i always kena maki, kena tengking. Actually he was not trying to tengking me. It was my fault. Memanglah sometimes dia marah benda kecik like, I makan mcd je kot. Tapi dia marah. Point dia sebenarnya nak I makan nasi, bcs the whole day i didnt take any nasi but i makan mcd. Thats why. So? Cuma yela cara i cerita kat my friends, it isnt my fault. it just to make me feel better lepas kena marah dengan dia. hahahahha sorry my sayang.

Hmm, i am done with my final exams. Now, his turn. i am praying the best for you. I wish you all the best.

your sweetheart <3


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