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Thursday, 27 April 2017 | 04:51 | 0comments
Hello guys!
wait.. guys? Are you guys reading my blog? Impossible hahaha

Okay, as you all know, I've been knowing my boyfriend a year ago and it has been a year. I cant believe that we make it until a year. Okay, to be honest we are always fighting but just for a few minutes. Then, he pujuk me and yes I'm clingy. Sooo much.

Actually, our 1st anniversary was 14 April 2017, and today is 27 April 2017. yes! I dont have enough time to open my laptop (Tipu cuz I'm watching kdrama thru my laptop) and update this blog ahahhaa bye.

During this semester break, I'm cuti for 5 months. (lama gila) yes, sangat lama. so i decided not to find any jobs first cuz I want to spend my time with him. It has been 4 months since I met him. So, this is only the time we cant spend our times together. sadly, i got my job and it starts on 1st May. 3 days left before starting. I'm going to miss him. This is our last semester break together cuz next sem, it wont be the same anymore. I'm going to transfer to Rembau and my schedule is totally different with him. Our weekend, our semester break are different. I'm quite worried, but i believe we can make it. The more we have been, the more challenge to be faced. fighting!!

Less than 3 weeks is his birthday. I'm thinking wanna celebrate it with his family. after getting my 1st salary, I wil treat him whatever he wants. promise! (Sayang! if you watch this eheheh) :P)


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